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If you have any items you wish road or user tested (to destruction if desired) for review purposes on this site or for your own web site/press, please contact me and let me know what you have to offer.  In season (Spring/Summer) I cover a fairly decent amount of miles several times a week so should be able to give most cycling related items or equipment a good run for their money.  When I choose and have time to ride out of season (Bad weather in Season also!)

I am happy to test cold weather, waterproof or cold season kit and bikes, though my miles will never be as high as my in season ones if we get some decent weather to ride nice shiny bikes in shorts…

I’m also interested in sponsorship, if you have a corporate brand name or logo you wish to put on cycling gear I am interested in hearing from you.  Cyclists are mobile billboards so who better to approach if you want to put your name on some clothing, remember our arses are often at a direct eye level of most motorists so if your advert was placed there plenty of people will get to see it!  I will be happy to offer reasonable rates if you supply the Shirts and Shorts and I am sure I can find other riders willing to do the same.  😀

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13 Responses to Entrance

  1. skippy says:

    Please ring me at 01619415680 tonight ,monday 20/06 as will be in your area next days and may enjoy the ride !

  2. Webmaster says:

    As you may have noticed, slight change in background.

    Noticed I had an issue with the background image used previously looking shocking when I upgraded to Widescreen and came to view my site.

    A new custom built image is on the drawing board as we speak, sorry for the sudden change.

  3. Webmaster says:


    Currently playing with doing something with my Youtube account, a little Audio & Visual fun…

    Just test driving some new software and seeing how it fairs both in production, fun and ease of use.

    So some patchy sound on different systems kinks to be worked out my end and none of this is polished work so please forgive my little mistakes or clashes with so many variables as I gather the Applications and Programs I need to Score music and craft it from ground level upwards. So for a while I will have to train and hone my skills on music I have laying around from other Artists mixed with my own Digital Artwork as Backdrops or to create Animations.

  4. Webmaster says:

    Note to self:

    Start using this in a more Blogger like manner, the systems are there to be used and to make life easy…

    Note to readers:

    Large fundamental Web Site changes are coming. 🙂

  5. Webmaster says:

    The more I work behind the scenes the more I realise how rubbish the infrastructure of British Internet is… =/

    Takes me longer to take some pictures, crop them, upload them and label them than it does to go for a 50 mile ride, grrr.

    Such a slow Residential Upload speed, it’s killing me. 🙁

    /me wants Fibre Optic please

    Oh and so help me, Plus.Net, if you do not give me my Free month next month, after much waiting for it, I will be off to Sky and I will wait out the arrival of Fibre Optic cable access in this area with Sky thanks….

  6. Webmaster says:

    Another hectic week at work over and another week of changes coming with it. =/

    I may try and secure some time to write up a ride.
    (Yep, finally broke my duck this year!)

    While out I managed to get to use the new Bike-Eye Large or Wider model if you prefer.

    Not only that, got to give the Endura Road Overshoes a try out and I came back with toasty feet, so looks good so far.

    See what the weekend brings huh. (:

  7. Webmaster says:

    Still not had time to sit down and write pending stuff up but have managed to get out on the Fuji and see what the commute back from work is like.

    Was going to go out this weekend but ended up busy yesterday (Saturday) and today didn’t feel great due to a headache early in the morning that would not go away till late evening. =/

    Have the day off tomorrow though so see if I can get stuff organised properly! 🙂

  8. Webmaster says:

    Weather tomorrow:

    6 – 11 degrees
    10mph winds
    Cloudy / Grey

    Chances of riding – 50%

    Life is looking pretty good. =]

    I have some interesting challenges ahead of me and due to the current climate some hard financial choices being made to keep the wolf from the door. Depending which way things go over the next few weeks, a lot of things can be decided and some of the outcomes possible are not great but things I can live with and cope through.

    At least the tax man didn’t slap Road Tax on cyclists ( 😉 ) but managed to try and slap them on Pasties? What the hell???

    Need to make an appointment with my docs and go see about getting Champix again, I can maybe start riding again and I’m all out of excuses to not give up smoking again and use that money to fuel a more pure addiction and passion.

  9. Webmaster says:

    Ouch at Fabian (Spartacus); what was reported as a Triple collar bone fracture at the Tour of Flanders turns out to be a Quadruple fracture.

    Speedy recover Fabian!

  10. Webmaster says:

    Just ordered a new Front Light to ensure my arse is safe at night and in the morning while commuting into work and on my ride home with a USE Diablo Mk4 Bike Light.


    With 1100 Lumens of power should be enough to light my way home and ensure any motorist arrogant enough to refuse to dip their lights for a cyclist gets one hell of a bright light aimed at their eyes for their laziness. 😀

    Also just ordered a new set of 2012 Skins C400 Cycling Bib Shorts, simply because I love the other pair I own and I have yet to ride in anything as comfortable or that feels as nice to put on and ride in!

  11. Webmaster says:

    Long awaited item secured for Test and Review!!!!

    Finally got my hands on the Polar CS600x Bike computer and Power Unit.

    Oh yes!